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Gorean / Turian Style
  Padlock Slave Collar

"The Original"

Gorean / Turian Style
Buttonhead-Allen Collar
"Stimulus Collar"

The Stealth®

The Covert

Vad Lite
Slave Collar

Slave Collar


Allen Key

  The Teardrop

Bails, Locks, Screws





Here is an unedited email I received 06/05/08:

Just wanted to let you know that the collar you sent me arrived yesterday afternoon.
Appreciate your speedy shipping :) And as always, I  love it! Your products are
so well made. So many other collars or cuffs wobble or have sharp parts where
the hinges are.
Cool little O rings with it too :)
This is the third item I've gotten from you;
the quality has always exceeded my original expectations
(when I had not yet purchased any of your products).
The collars etc are so resilient! I never have to worry about what I'm doing
while wearing one: I know I won't damage it, and it won't come undone.
The Allen closing one is actually pretty discreet, and I get lots of compliments
from all kinds of people, no matter what they're "in" to.

Anyway, thanks very much. I know I'll be getting more of your items in the future.

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