Ibi lost her courageous battle with cancer on August 6th 2020

and a large part of Vad Farkas died with her.

For this reason, I have decided that I will no longer continue with Ring of Steel.

 This was not an easy decision and I'm sorry to disappoint our long time and

potential new customers, so I'm leaving parts of the webpages as a reminder.

Stay Well,
Vad Farkas

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The Stealth® Collar


  Lyra                                  Mei Lin                                   Skye   

    1/4 inch collar                            3/8 inch collar                            1/4 inch collar  


The Stealth® Collar is the most popular variation of the original Turian Style Collar.
  As all our collars, it's made of solid Stainless Steel with the mating ends shiplapped.
This method of joining the two halves gives the collars a smooth and elegant look
without any unsightly gaps that can draw attention, snag on hair or pinch the skin.

Why the name Stealth® Collar? Well it has no visible screw or hinge pin on the top side,
allowing the wearer to "fly under the radar" of friends, curious co-workers or strangers,
even more so if the leash rings are removed and the screw & visible hinge is worn underneath.

Speaking of flying, wear the optional Key Pendant on the 26 inch Stainless Steel Chain around the neck
or maybe on a Key Fob and avoid embarrassment while searching for a key in front of overzealous

TSA agents! The set screw does not have to be removed in case the collar does, so less chance of
dropping and loosing it. It only takes a few seconds to refasten the collar back where it belongs.

The Stealth® collars comes with 2 wrenches, 1 extra screw plus 1 set of Leash Rings.

All items in the above photo are Stainless Steel, the hex wrenches and the pendant's hex are not.
The 2 wrenches, extra screw and leash rings are included, the pendant must be ordered separately.


wearing her 3/8 inch collars and cuffs.
For those of you that still believe a single 3/8 inch collar might be too heavy, we have them in 1/4 inch as well.


Close up view 

Ring of Steel® is not afraid to show close-ups of  our work!
Click on the photo to see size and detail comparisons.
The 1/4 inch collar weighs about 1/2 of the 3/8 inch collar.

The 1/4 inch Stealth® Collar
"trish", on the left, is wearing her own pendant & an anonymous customer, wearing only her collar, is on the right.
In the center is "Ranee", wearing her 1/4 inch collar with the optional O-ring.


Every so often I receive a request for a more delicate yet functional collar.
These requests have become a reality in the 1/4 inch or 6.35 mm Stealth® Collar
 There is a reason why my 3/8 inch collars are in the odd inside circumference sizes,
however the new 1/4 inch collars are in even increments of 1/2 inch.
For example 12, 12-1/2, 13, 13-1/2, 14, 14-1/2 15, etc.

As in the 3/8 inch collar, the set screw is screwed into a "blind hole", preventing it from
 becoming loose and falling out. To open the collar, the set screw needs only to be backed off a
 few turns and never removed completely.
This prevents dropping and loosing the small screw.
The 1/4 inch collar weighs about 1/2 of the 3/8 inch collar.

Due to the scaled down size, there are less threads for the screw to secure the collar halves,
so "rough play" is not recommended.

The 1/4 inch Stealth® collar comes with 3 wrenches, 2 extra screws plus 1 set of Leash Rings.
Pendants & Accessories

The photos on the ends show that by adding your own pendant, the collar can easily
pass the scrutiny of others and be looked at as a very "vanilla" necklace.
I found the pendant on the left at an estate sale, the one on the right was supplied by a customer.
Order one or more of the Bails below to attach your own pendants to one of our collars.

New O-ring option

This removable 3/4 inch inside diameter O-ring lays flat, yet slides and rotates on the collar.
Available for the 1/4 and 3/8 inch collars.

Sterling Silver Bails for 1/4 & 3/8 inch Collars

click on photo to see larger view

The 1/4 inch Bails are on the left & 3/8 inch Bails are on the right side.
Use the Opening Bail for a 24/7 Collar that need not be opened to attach or change your Pendant.
Or open the Collar to slide on a Non Opening Bail with your own pendant attached.
We will include a few stainless steel jump rings for attaching your pendant to the bail.

Leash and Lead Ring Set
included with order

Interchangeable 1/4 & 3/8 in. Leash Rings

Key Pendants

 The optional Key Pendant available in 1/4, 3/8 & Buttonhead styles, on a 26 inch Stainless steel chain or split ring.

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