Ibi lost her courageous battle with cancer on August 6th 2020

and a large part of Vad Farkas died with her.

For this reason, I have decided that I will no longer continue with Ring of Steel.

 This was not an easy decision and I'm sorry to disappoint our long time and

potential new customers, so I'm leaving parts of the webpages as a reminder.

Stay Well,
Vad Farkas

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The Original

Gorean / Turian Style Slave Collar with Padlock


The original Padlock Collar had a brass pin and hinge, the new ones are Stainless steel.

One padlock of your choice is supplied with collar.
Rhinestone and Black locks are no longer available.

The heart locks are Nickel plated, not Stainless steel!
Scroll down to see NEW ABUS Titalium Padlock.

This is a hand made 3/8" diameter solid Stainless Steel collar.
It has a 1/8" Stainless Steel hinge pin in the back and is secured
up front by a Stainless Steel pin that allows the lock to gimbal
on the neck for a more comfortable fit and nicer look. Both hinge
and locking ends mesh together without unsightly gaps or wobble,
thus eliminating pinching and snagging on hair or clothes. This lock pin
is a modification of my original design dating back to the late '90s.
A few kajira are still wearing that original collar proudly after many years.
The lock and pin can be worn either on top or under side of the collar.
We have added some more locks to choose from but they are NOT
Stainless Steel. Keep that in mind if you have allergy issues.
We are still on the lookout for a solid Stainless Steel padlock.

The padlock style may vary from photos due to availability.
The model is wearing a 13-3/4 inch circumference collar with
the obsolete brass pin. The second photo shows the new SS pin.

Copied from ABUS website:
TITALIUM™ padlocks, from security specialist ABUS, represent a new dimension in
security. Made from an innovative material, they represent high security with
approximately 30% reduced weight of the brass padlocks.

The TITALIUM™ material is a special aluminium alloy that uniquely combines a
high level of torsion with lightness. Like in the aircraft industry, with
TITALIUM™, ABUS is concentrating on two fundamental qualities: maximum strength
and low weight. This contemporary material implementation is reflected in the
design of the products: TITALIUM™ series padlocks all feature an impressive
stainless steel like finish
and hardened steel shackle.
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