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Measuring Information:
When a collar was returned it was almost always too big,
seldom too small. Ibi, for example, has a 13-3/4 inch neck
and wears 13-3/4 inch collars. Everyone is different of course,
so we recommend ordering about 1/2 inch larger.

The original Turian collar is one of fiction...
but real life being somewhat different, a more snug fitting collar
 is recommended for daily wear. If the collar is too big, the weight
rests on the collar bone and can be uncomfortable for some people.
While a larger size might be fine for some, we suggest a snugger fit.

All measurements are given as the inside circumference in inches.

Click on photo for measuring guide and conversion table.

Do NOT use rope or tubing unless you measure the inside circumference.
If you stretch it out and measure with a ruler, the collar will be too large!

For example.
A customer sent us a piece of tubing that fit the neck as they liked.
The circumference is 14-1/4 in and the length rolled out is 16-1/4 in.

Click on photos for a larger image

Click on the photo for a larger image
A 14 inch collar was the correct size for this customer.

Click on the photo for a larger image
1/2 inch difference in circumference equals about 1/2 the thickness of the collar
Shipping Information and our Location:

Ring of Steel® is located near Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
We try to make and ship within 1 or 2 days, depending on the workload.
All packages are wrapped and labeled discreetly.
Shipping within the Continental United States is by USPS Priority Mail.
Canada and Overseas orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail International.

Canadian customers can track their package here:

Use these Global Tracking sites to locate your package:

When ordering from The UK, you might also track your package
with after the Tracking indicates
the package has left the USA.

Shipping Rates: USA $9.00 * Canada $27.00 * Overseas $37.00

You may be charged Customs Fees, duty and or taxes (VAT).
Ring of Steel® is not responsible for fees assessed by your country.
Please do not ask us to falsify the shipping label or to ship as a gift.

Exchange policy:
  We will exchange the standard collars and cuffs if the size
is not correct within a reasonable amount of time
but require shipping & handling charges for the replacement.

Shipping Rates: USA $9.00 * Canada $27.00 * Overseas $37.00
Custom collars with Options & Gemstones added are not exchangeable.
The exchange information is included on the receipt in the package,
be sure
to keep it in a safe place in case an exchange is needed.

Material / Nickel content:
  The Austenitic stainless steel that I have used for over a dozen years
contained 8% Nickel. While we are not aware of any Nickel allergy
reactions in the past, in
September 2012, due to the many emails
expressing concern over Nickel allergies from potential customers,

I decided to make the switch to a Martensitic stainless steel.
Martensitic stainless steel has 0% Nickel content but attracts magnets.
Surgical instruments are made with Martensitic stainless steel as well.

While I use
Martensitic Stainless Steel in making the collars and cuffs,
some of the accessories, as the screws, small rings and bails, etc.
are bought from various suppliers and the Nickel content is unknown.

All jewelry needs periodic cleaning,
it's advised the collars be opened
and cleaned as well.
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