Ibi lost her courageous battle with cancer on August 6th 2020

and a large part of Vad Farkas died with her.

For this reason, I have decided that I will no longer continue with Ring of Steel.

 This was not an easy decision and I'm sorry to disappoint our long time and

potential new customers, so I'm leaving parts of the webpages as a reminder.

Stay Well,
Vad Farkas

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Material / Nickel content:
  The Austenitic stainless steel that I have used for over a dozen years
contained 8% Nickel. While we are not aware of any Nickel allergy
reactions in the past, in
September 2012, due to the many emails
expressing concern over Nickel allergies from potential customers,

I decided to make the switch to a Martensitic stainless steel.
Martensitic stainless steel has 0% Nickel content but attracts magnets.
Surgical instruments are made with Martensitic stainless steel as well.

While I use
Martensitic Stainless Steel in making the collars and cuffs,
some of the accessories, as the screws, small rings and bails, etc.
are bought from various suppliers and the Nickel content is unknown.

All jewelry needs periodic cleaning,
it's advised the collars be opened
and cleaned as well.
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