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Name: pet Helen
From: West Virginia
Please let me express my Master's and my sincere thanks for both your kindness and exceptional workmanship.
The collar, wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs and sirik you have made for me are exquisite. They are incredibly elegant, yet they are still quite functional and secure. I very comfortably wear my collar and wrist & ankle cuffs 24/7-- even at work. And Master P greatly enjoys having me wear the sirik for him during my daily activities. We both feel it is such a sensual item.
I must thank you additionally for the wonderful "Slave Heart" tag you had engraved with my Owner's name. It's very special for us.
Master is so pleased to have your beautiful work adorning his slave. :) Everything you have made for us holds a very personal meaning, and I am truly proud to wear such lovely pieces for my beloved Owner.
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Name: Robbert
From: Netherlands
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Dear Vad,

The package unexpectedly arrived yesterday. The collar is beautiful! It looks like a ordinary piece of jewelry, while being so much more. Perfect for daily use :).

BTW, I don’t understand how you created the hinge, there’s no toolmarks anywhere… Quite masterful.

Overall, I'm very impressed with how fast you were able to craft and send the collar; the workmanship is very very nice.

For those ordering from the EU; customs may take a while and a dime, but it's very much worth the wait. Vad is a nice person and attentive to his customers.

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Name: Sarah
From: Virginia

I just received my order today and I had to email you and let you know how much it exceeded our expectations. The wrapping was beautifully done and added wonderfully to the excitement of opening the box. The craftsmanship is exquisite and we are so pleased with the way it sits on my neck. The finish is amazing and the weight of the metal is perfect for reminding me that its there but yet it is not too heavy. I can't tell you how pleased we both are to finally find a collar that I will be able to wear 24/7 and in public, while also being discreet. Thank you very much for the wonderful product, it is very much appreciated!
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Name: Morgan
From: Florida
Hullo there Vad, just wanted to say THANK YOU from Master Spike and I for crafting such an amazing collar!!! For one thing...the amount of time between placing the order and receiving the eagerly awaited package at our place was FAST FAST FAST!!! My Master and I opened the collar together (thanks to your wife for the BEAUTIFUL fleur-de-lis wrapping paper!) and as he held it up we just stared for a moment in reverence and awe. "Wow," Master finally said, "That is absolutely beautiful." He turned it over and over in his hands, struck dumb, as I tried to lean in for a glimpse at the engraving, When he finally turned it over to me, the heft of the collar impressed me, the strength of the steel, and WOW the absolute flawless SMOOTHNESS of the hinges! I could not wait to see if it fit...I took my own measurements and wasn't sure I did it correctly...we eagerly hunted for the allen key, and with a loud, satisfying CLICK he locked the collar around my neck. It fit PERFECTLY. All day I've just been running my fingers along it, holding onto it like a security blanket and marvelling (again) at how SMOOTH the hinges are! So we both thank you VERY much for the beautiful work of art (I think Master almost wished he was a slave so he could wear one too!) He insisted that I order a set of lead rings, and that only you would do....I agreed, so I will be doing that forthwith. Thanks again, we are so glad we ordered from you!

Spike and Morgan
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Name: Dreamer
From: Dreamstrike
E-mail: Contact
Hail, Vad Farkas!
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