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Name: cacamwri
From: Oak Harbor, Washington
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I just had to write. I have in the last couple of months purchased a set of ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs and a collar. They are the stealth collar style. I love them. I wear them 24/7. I do not get any negative comments on them from my work place or my customers. I am in there homes for hours at a time and no one has said a word excet good things.
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Name: Techster
From: Southeastern USA
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My wife Techie is also my keyholder as such we are planning to get a turian collar for me.
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Name: Lady Erin
From: USA
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Sir Farkas, I am delighted to write that my pet has been happily wearing your elegantly crafted stealth collar every day since valentine's day of last year. On Christmas night he was laced up with the leather message collar that was custom made by the lovely Ibi. To my surprise a piece of parchment was already folded inside. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of care that is put into our orders. From the early snapshot sent through email before it was shipped, the wrapping paper, alternate lacing, cloth circle form, and personal note attached; It warms my heart. I thank you for being a wonderful part of our lives.
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Name: Daniel
From: United States
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I received the 3/8 stealth collar a day before Christmas. I was surprised to see it arrive so soon and even more that it was wrapped Festively. The care and personal touch that was in every detail leaves me speechless. I love the seamless smooth craftsmanship, I was a little worried at fist my kitten has thick hair and always snags on jewelry. She has worn it and no problems she says its simply perfect, it fits perfect and feels perfect. I couldnt thank you any more for this masterpiece and I will be returning.
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Name: Michael
From: Uk
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Just purchased a collar, my first buy from Ring of Steel (used another supplier in past)
I am highly delighted not only with the speed at which my order was despacthed, but also with the quality of it on arrival.

All I can say is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and I will be purchasing again soon . wrist and ankle cuffs and even a sirik maybe
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Name: Austin
From: Massachusetts
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Dear Vad and Ibi,

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for the trulybeautiful assortment of holiday treasures! Ever since I received my beautiful steel collar, I've been way too busy doing cruel and delicious things to my precious Lolita to write you any earlier than today. :D

I knew that the collar was going to be beautiful, but I just didn't know how beautiful until I felt it in my own hands. It's perfectly crafted, with all of the edges perfectly smoothed and tight, making not a sound or a gap or a hot spot on Lolita's neck. The engraving is substantial yet delicately-handled.

The incredible value afforded to me by the collar's price allowed me to avail myself of a black dress-up sleeve that Ibi made by hand, and it was quite evident that she is no less talented than Vad. The black sleeve goes on swiftly and cleanly, and the visual effect is very smart, very much at home in an interview or at a black-tie party or out on a hiking trail. The crafting is very precise.

Stainless steel is a huge thermal battery; it gets cold and stays cold, and the same for warmth. I have enjoyed exploiting this natural tendency. The collar itself was a perfect fit; it sits on Lolita's collarbone (what a perfect place for a collar, right?) and doesn't cause the asthma-related tightness that leather or nylon collars have caused for the past five years.

My accompanying pendants are well worth the price. It was so kind of you to order me stainless-steel hex keys at cost. I really appreciated it, and it will increase the longevity of the pieces for me (I will be wearing a pendant in all kinds of weather and situations, and I have an extra for backup/emergencies). Besides being really functional (using the pendant to open and close the collar's screw was incredibly easy) I think the pendant design is also very elegant. Though I do not personally hide nor flaunt my D/s relationship in vanilla spaces - wearing whatever pleases *me* whenever I choose to - I can say that my pendant is so beautiful and unique in shape that it has drawn compliments from many people (kinky or vanilla), but has not attracted any particular attention. It's a unisex piece, and I feel that regardless of gender identities or expression, anyone could be comfortable wearing it. Also, seriously, that little sloped edge is *perfect* to put your thumb on when trying to actuate the screw. I'm not kidding about how well and how thoughtfully it's designed. The little red velvet storage bags were a nice touch.

I ordered several other little accoutrements for occasional play, including a set of slip-on double-rings for leash and rope attachments, and a slip-on tag. These were accompanied by an extra screw (which I put away for safe keeping), and several hex keys, which is great, because I slipped one key into my submissive's wallet, and put one in the glove box, Just In Case. Because I had never before used a steel tag that large, I was unsure as to whether it would be too big, but it is actually the most perfect pairing in size and shape for a steel collar. You were very kind to accommodate my additional needs for engraving on both sides of the tag, and the price was right. Also, I really appreciated how you and your engraver tried your best to engrave the pendants - they're simply too small, and yet, I consider the experiment to be a success, since you'll now know for the future, in case another customer asks after the service.

I was really impressed by the entire experience of ordering with Rings of Steel. You're genuinely kind, caring people with quite a bit of talent and an excellent product. Your production time was lightning-fast (even with the holidays AND Vad's medical procedure), and it was packed well, shipped quickly (with tracking), and arrived without incident.

To top things off, how marvelous it was to receive all of these wonderful and meaningful objects wrapped up in festive holiday paper! I had a great many long hours of fun taunting my submissive with the outer package, not letting hir open it until I was good and ready, and then when I opened the box, there was something for ME to open inside! Just such a special moment, and a special touch.

Would that I had a hundred slaves to adorn with a Ring of Steel.

Thank you so much, and have a very happy holiday season!


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Submitted by Comments:
Name: J
From: California
E-mail: Contact
I have been wearing my collar nonstop for 8 months now and couldn't be happier. It sits perfectly above my collarbone and I barely notice it's on unless someone's complimenting it or using it. I love the heft and have been extremely happy with the durability and subtle appearance.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: leilia
From: detroit
E-mail: Contact
I have recently received the 1/4in steel stealth collar that you made custom, just for me. It is the PERFECT collar for me. It is delicate, subtle, and very very useful to my Master. Everything about it is perfect, the mechanism, the finish, the key pendants- I could not have asked for a more beautiful collar. I literally feel that it is my soulmate collar, the collar I was always meant to have!

Thank you for your integrity, your attention to every detail, and for your kind attention! I will be your loyal customer for years to come!

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Submitted by Comments:
Name: tt
From: australia
E-mail: Contact
Dear sir Vad
I received the ankle cuff 8 day ago and my master wear /locked on my leg I feel very fits perfectly. Also the two anklet cuff is finis very nice.Every single edge is polished with care - each and every detail attended to! Your work is art, and I'm proud to wear it on my body,your staff sent it the same day, and arrived within 10 days from usa to australia is very very fast service and delivery.now I wear for 8 days 24/7 is not problem ,It is so comfortable. first time I view your guestbook I not believe in people say how comfortable wear the ankle cuff,wrist cuff or collar but now I just tell you what? it is truly comfortable. THANK YOU VERY MUCH you make my dream come true.
we are very happy with the purchase Thank you
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Ryan
From: Atlanta
E-mail: Contact
Name: rod
From: mississippi
"Increditable. The first collar was a bit big and it was replaced with a smaller one super fast. It is awsome. Im so glad that when i traveled to Atlanta i saw someone wearing one in the local mall. I found it to be really cool so i asked him about it and he provided me with the website. Vad, you workmanship is increditable. For anyone thinking of purchasing, follow the directions for sizing your neck. I did NOT the first time and had to exchange making my wait longer. The wait and resizing was well worth it"

That was me you saw in the mall. I am glad you found the site and happy to hear you are enjoying your Collar! Vlad your collars are bringing together people from all over Again I Thank you for providing this incredible product! 4 Months Strait now wearing my collar and I had to take it off for a MRI last week and I felt naked without it!
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