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Name: rod
From: mississippi
E-mail: Contact
Increditable. The first collar was a bit big and it was replaced with a smaller one super fast. It is awsome. Im so glad that when i traveled to Atlanta i saw someone wearing one in the local mall. I found it to be really cool so i asked him about it and he provided me with the website. Vad, you workmanship is increditable. For anyone thinking of purchasing, follow the directions for sizing your neck. I did NOT the first time and had to exchange making my wait longer. The wait and resizing was well worth it
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Name: brenda
From: Alaska
I'm writing to tell you from my heart thank you. The first of your collars that my Master
locked in place was done in an emotional ceremony and I didn't get to see it until it was
around my neck. The cold steel on my skin warmed instantly and when I was given the
opportunity to finally look at it in the mirror I almost cried.The craftsmanship and the love
that you gave to it was very evident. It was a bit bigger than I thought it would be but it
looked very nice around my neck. I wore it with pride and it was very comforting while
I was away from him as I traveled to Europe and back. I would touch it and hold it when
I missed him and there were times when it would feel heavy for no reason and it was then
that I knew He was thinking of me. I might add that I never once removed it even going
through security at the many airports I went through no matter how long I was detained for
searching and questioning purposes. I would just smile and say "no I cannot remove it as it
is locked and I do not have a key, I'm sorry.

He would come to visit me and he would remove it and put the O rings on it while he was
with me. When he would leave to go back home He would take the O rings back off and
say that it is best for my vanilla life which He is correct. I was forced to remove it myself
once for 24 hours for reasons I won't go into but it was horrible. I felt completely lost, scared
and vulnerable to say the least. It was a very painful experience and I never want to have to
do it again. One day I was looking at your site and found there was the fitting with the O ring
attached and I thought how wonderful that would be to not have to keep taking the O rings
off and so I mentioned it to Him. He looked into it and found that I would have to give up
the collar in order for it to be fitted properly with this new piece. He knew that I wouldn't be
able to do that so when you spoke with him a deal was made.

The newest collar that you sent Him is more beautiful than the first. He was worried that it
was slightly smaller but when He placed it around my neck and locked it He smiled and
told me to go look in the mirror. It was perfect. It was like it was meant to be around my neck.
It brought tears to my eyes at how it looked and felt around my neck. Sir you are an extremely
talented craftsman. You do beautiful work and I am humbled and proud to wear such a piece.
I am also touched and honored that you would send this second collar just so that I would not
have to go without one. You are a very gracious man indeed. Thank you so much for doing all
of this just so I would not have to go without a collar.
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Name: zja
From: Illinois
E-mail: Contact
my stealth collar arrived a couple of days ago, and it is BEAUTIFUL! The fit is perfect and the joining parts are practically seamless...outstanding craftsmanship.. thank You so very very much!!
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Name: BondageMasterAU
From: Australia
E-mail: Contact
Hi All
When one finds great service & a product to follow you have found Rings of Steel.
I purchased 2 Stealth collars some months ago for my sub girl Aimee & with great delight she now wears both 24/7. In the coming weeks by gluing the Allen screws they will become a permanent fixture around her neck for many years to come.
Aimee comments, wearing one was cool but both collars although they feel like they are just a part of me now to a degree I am more conscious of them. I don't notice the extra weight when the second was fitted, but Im sure if they were to be taken off I would notice their absences. It shocks me more and more that people around me and the people I meet don't realize that they are slave collars and what they represent. I have come to the conclusion if they don't know they don't need to know. Because I am so used to them I find it surprising & exciting when people comment on the fact that I have two instead of one. I have also noticed the attention given to the collars is a massive boost in my self-esteem which could be a coincidence with sharing who I am rather than hiding it.
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Name: Ryan
From: Atlanta
E-mail: Contact
1 Month later update:
I have worn my "Stimulus collar" for the past month strait. I have received many compliments on it and have pointed quite a few people to your page. I work with the general public every day and wear T Shirts or unbuttoned polo's daily and have never gotten a negative reaction (I am a strait married guy)
I proudly show off my collar every day and could not be happier with it!

Thanks Vlad!
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Rod
From: Mississippi
E-mail: Contact
very interested the stimulas collar...i would be curious about the reaction other guys get when wore in public and its on display?
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Name: melinda
From: outside of Sacramento, CA
E-mail: Contact
I just received my aluminum collar, and I am in love! The fit and finish is superb. I have issues with my neck due to an old injury from a car accident, so steel collars are too heavy for me to wear day in and day out. This feels so light that I don't even notice that I am wearing it. I am so glad to finally have a collar that I never need to take off. You have made me one very happy customer!
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Name: Laura
From: Alabama
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i just received my collar four (interminable) business days after order, and watched anxiously as Master unwrapped it. The wrapping was beautiful but paled in comparison to the piece of art that is now around my neck. I am so thrilled to have this, I never want to remove it. I ordered the stealth collar, and all of the joining parts are so smooth, that truly my hair won't get caught in it. (i have horrible thick, long hair that wraps around everything). Thank you, Mr. Farkas.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: John
From: Spain
E-mail: Contact
I ordered a stealth collar of 32cm (smaller than standard sizes). It is perfectly done! It arrived quickly thanks to Vadvarkas.
He sent it the same day, and as it was an international shipment he assured the address was correct several times. (thanks to that there was no problem at all!)
Im also glad he sent it certified and with priority. It arrived within 5 days, of course it depends on the costums.
I hung a pendant from it, and Ive received several compliments on the collar from vanilla people.
Thanks for everything,

A very grateful costumer
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Matthew
From: Pennsylvania
E-mail: Contact

The collar arrived today. Absolutely stunning craftsmanship and customer service like no other. It amazes me that anyone would buy anything you make from any other source. Very pleased to see your engraver was able to do the heart! Shipping was also super-quick and the wrapping paper was a very nice touch. Kitten loves her collar and it fits perfectly. Also the sleeve is very nice...the collar will look beautiful with it on her for our wedding tomorrow! You're one talented mother f'er. Thanks again.

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