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Name: Fateh Khalsa
From: Santa Fe, NM
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I'm exceptionally impressed with Vad & Ibi's fantastic service!

Their attention to detail and care for their products is evident in everything they do, from the craftsmanship itself (absolutely amazing), to the elegant packaging, speed of service, and fantastic communication all along the way.

I'm very happy with the products and service I received, and won't hesitate to come back here for any future needs, as well as referring any and all friends and acquaintances who are looking for something similar.

As noted by another guestbook signer, if you are in any doubt as to which metal collar company to go with, Ring of Steel is the one you want!

Thanks so much for the fantastic service Vad & Ibi. I hope you keep enjoying what you do with the same level of passion and care that is so clear in your work.

All the best,
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Name: Craig
From: Canada
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Hi! I was wondering whether you make permanently locking neck rings...rings that once closed cannot be opened at all?
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Name: Kirk
From: Sunland CA
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Dear Vad and Ibi, I hope you are well and Ibi is recovering well.

I was looking for something just like your stealth collar to permanently collar My slave/wife at her recent "contract" signing.

I am so pleased I chose your product. It is an absolute work of art. I was so impressed with the wonderful and intricate wrapping job. Your care and personal touch that is in every detail truly touched our hearts when we carefully opened the package, admired the perfectly hidden hinge and closure, felt the strength and weight of the steel and finally, with great excitement placed the collar around her neck and with the beautifully crafted key, locked it in place. We were both in awe. The collar is truly beautiful. The collar added a magical, unforgettable element to an already emotional and life changing moment. Now, thanks to you, my pet has a collar she can wear 24/7 with pride and true comfort!

Thanks to your and Ibi's excellent advice, I ordered 1/4" Stealth Collar at 13 1/2", exactly the measurement of her neck. Ibi was right, the close fit is perfect and again it looks amazing! Using one of your beautifully crafted bails, I attached a beautiful sterling pendant to the collar and it looks awesome. My "Babygirl" is a professional who works very closely with the vanilla public and she is receiving great comments about her "interesting" and "pretty necklace". SO FUN!

She has already identified several other pendants that she would like to "re-purpose", so it looks like I'll be needing some more bails soon :-). I also ordered the steel O-ring which I can quickly slip on the collar for use, and or, enjoyment while we are spending time together.

I was really impressed by the entire experience of ordering with Rings of Steel. You and Ibi are obviosly kind, caring people with an amazing talent and an excellent product. Your production time was fast,(Same day),(even with Ibi's treatments and upcoming medical procedure), and it was packed well, shipped quickly (Same day!), and arrived without incident.

If anyone reading this has one second of doubt about which brand steel collar to buy, I can tell you now, the choice is simple. Put your trust in Vad and Ibi. Ring of Steel is the ONLY choice!

Thank you both so much, with love,

Kirk and Mary
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Name: Bethany
From: Florida
E-mail: Contact
Hope all is well and that the Ring of Steel opens again soon! Can't wait to look into purchasing my collar!

Heres to a speedy recovery!
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Name: Daniel
From: West Hollywood
E-mail: Contact
About a year ago, I bought a stealth collar, two stealth wrist cuffs and two stealth ankle cuffs. The quality of these item was of the highest quality. For anyone who might think the prices are high, they aren't high when you consider the extremely high quality and service. Bad is truly a master craftsman. My stealth collar and cuffs look the same today as the day I received them. Once my puts the collar and cuffs on me, I never want to take them off. I just ordered slightly smaller wrist cuff because my dom wants to see a tighter fit; I know I will get a first class product. Btw - after I received my ankle cuffs, I had to exchange them as they were too big (my fault in measuring). The exchange process was easy and fast.
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Name: Karl
From: NC by way of New York
E-mail: Contact
I purchased the 3/8 Stealth collar about 4 years ago for my sub, and while I should have put it on with lock tight, that is another story.

Four years later, (enough time to discuss the quality)- the collar still looks as new as it did when when I bought it. Unfortunately, due to her job, it is on and off frequently. The hinge is as tight as it was when it was new - and the collar does get plenty of use.

The quality of this product is outstanding, and after 4 years, I can say it lasts. I like the weight of it - even if my sub doesn't always appreciate it as much as I do. It is only pricey if you do not appreciate the quality with which it was made, how good it looks, or dealing with a responsive company.

The original collar I ordered, was evidently too tight (I didn't think so). It was exchanged promptly with no hassle. I lost the spare Allen screws and wrench when I moved, and they were replaced promptly. Vad and Ibi have been a pleasure to do business with.
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Name: Thomas
From: Denmark
E-mail: Contact
Big thx to Vad & Ibi for delivering 2 lovely stealth collars to me, here in Denmark. The craftsmanship is exquisite as allways, and the delivery time was fast. Cant wait to put them on her. Take care you 2 :)
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Name: Alana
From: ON, Canada
E-mail: Contact
Once again Sir and Ibi have come through. Master placed the new cuffs and collar upon me today and He is again completely off the wall happy with the fit of both.

Thank you both once again, for give the community Your amazing craft and gifts ~hug~
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Name: Elise
From: Portland, OR
E-mail: Contact
Received my 1/4" Covert Collar today, and it is STUNNING! I accidentally ordered the wrong size at first; the return and replacement went smoothly and quickly. Absolute perfection!
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Mike
From: Canada
E-mail: Contact
I ordered a wrist cuff from Vad and it came very quickly. The quality of the cuff is absolutely amazing, i've been wearing it since it came in the mail and I can't stop looking at it! I had previously bought a cuff from one of Vad's competitors and wasn't impressed with the quality,so I tried Vad and I wish I would have bought from him 1st.
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